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Why you need a website professional

With all the DIY website options hitting the market we wanted to explain why this is not the best route for most businesses and organizations. If you want to be successful with your website you really need a website pro in your corner.

1) Hiring a professional website designer ensures that your website will look professional and meet current website standards.

If your website isn’t easy to understand, simple to use, mobile friendly and visually appealing potential clients will assume your business doesn't have it's act together and be hesitant to take a chance on you.

2) Your in house talent probably doesn't stay on top of new technology, security and api changes.

You might be able to successfully launch a DIY website using a site builder that looks ok at first but as time goes by it will often become vulnerable to hacks, functionalities will stop working and probably won't compete well on search engines. Website management services by a professional website team will address those issues as they come up and be aware of how changing technologies are causing them.

3) A professional will create a custom website for your business to ensure all the needs and capabilities required for success are met.

Creating the website yourself with a template you purchased online will limit capabilities and restrict graphics and text.

4) Your website must be made in a way where it comes up on search engines and can complete with your competitors.

Search engine optimization is imperative to success in today’s market. Web designers understand how to make your website search-friendly by understanding SEO, the process of increasing visibility of a website on search engines through an understanding of backend algorithms.

5) Hiring a professional saves you time and money in the long run.

Your website will be completed quickly and efficiently, which means the launch of your business website will not be delayed more than it has to. It also means you won’t have to spend time and money repairing your website when something breaks. It is also most likely less expensive to hire a professional web developer than to take your valuable time to build your own small business website.

6) You get what you pay for.

There are companies that offer a “professional web design” for under $1000. A professional web design from a professional web developer should cost more than that. Sites that cost under $1000 are more likely to get hacked, be poorly build, have poor SEO or be lazily constructed. If your business expects to have a long life, and if you want your clients to think you are taking it seriously, then make sure that you invest in quality web development with a professional web developer.

7) Your website is a worthwhile investment.

Consider the cost of marketing in print, billboards, direct mail, radio and TV. These methods are using much more expensive than getting a quality website design which can last you for years!

8) Your business is unique and your website should be unique as well.

Most people research the businesses and organizations they work with online before making a final decision. If you want your business to be in the running, then you need to get their attention.


Hiring a professional may seem like a more costly investment upfront, but the increased likelihood of success it offers outweighs the initial cost. Not only does it help your business, but it improves you customers experience and increases the customer lifetime value.

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