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There is a great tool in cPanel that allows you to view EVERY message sent to a mail account (in the last 30 days). This tool allows you to see how well the system is doing with filtering out incoming spam and whether or not it is tagging legitimate messages. This feature allows you to review details about email delivery attempts for your account. You can also trace an email's delivery route using this feature. These can be useful for locating problems with email delivery.

1) Login to your hosting control panel

2) Click on the email trace icon.

Business Email Trace Tool, Casper, Wyoming

3) Enter your email address in the box and click "Run Report"

Email Trace Tool, Wyoming Web Site Design and Hosting

4) Results will look similar to this (sender and recipient is whited out in this sample, but will appear in your delivery reposrt)

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5) The chart below will help you understand each element shown in the Delivery Report Table

Email Trace Tool, Wyoming Web Site Hosting Provider