SCI supports hunters and wildlife conservation causes
SCI supports hunters and wildllife conservation
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Welcome to Central WYoming Safari Club International Resources for Hunters

Welcome to the Central Wyoming Chapter, Safari Club International.

The Central Wyoming Chapter works to protect hunting around the world, and we support a variety of conservation, education and humanitarian projects designed to make a difference both here at home and abroad.

Our members are ethical hunters as well as conservationists who are dedicated to the principles of sustained use while promoting wildlife conservation.  We are staunch advocates of the rights of hunters and are committed to programs designed to educate the public (and particularly our youth) on the roles and responsibilities of safe and ethical hunting practices and how these practices relate to sound wildlife management and conservation programs.  As concerned sportsmen and women, we are also actively involved in humanitarian projects both here at home and internationally that ultimately benefit a number of individuals, groups and communities through programs such as Disabled Hunter™, SafariCare™, Sensory Safari™ and Sportsmen Against Hunger™.  Our chapter is proud to be part of an international organization that has been and continues to be highly successful in its efforts to maintain and improve wildlife habitats and hunting opportunities in many countries worldwide and we will continue to do our part in preserving our centuries-old hunting heritage.

Safari Club International was founded in 1971 and currently has a membership of over 52,500 active sportsmen and women in more than 100 countries including the United States, with 186 individual SCI Chapters worldwide. Safari Club International and the Safari Club International Foundation annually spend in excess of 400 million dollars on hunting-related activities, conservation programs throughout the world which help bolster rural economies dependent on wildlife-associated recreation,  and humanitarian aid to individuals and communities in need.

We are looking for new members who are interested in strengthening the sportsman’s voice in Wyoming and the surrounding states.  If you want to increase public awareness of hunting and the role that sportsmen and women play in wildlife management and conservation, if you want to stay informed about important issues that affect hunting and wildlife conservation, and if you want to share hunting experiences with other sportsmen, then we encourage you to get involved in our organization so that you can help us protect the rights of sportsmen and women for future generations.


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