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Change your Emal Password

If you host with Waves Web Design, changing your email address is easy and can be done using 2 different methods. Which one you choose will depend on which way you usally access your email and whether you have access to the main hosting account login. Remember to also change this password in your phone, tablet, email client or other email management tools as well once you have completed this tutorial.

Wyoming Web Site Hosting Tools

There is a great tool in cPanel that allows you to view EVERY message sent to a mail account (in the last 30 days). This tool allows you to see how well the system is doing with filtering out incoming spam and whether or not it is tagging legitimate messages. This feature allows you to review details about email delivery attempts for your account. You can also trace an email's delivery route using this feature. These can be useful for locating problems with email delivery.

Wyoming Web Site Design and Hosting Service

There are several ways you can check your email. You can setup a desktop email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Another tool you can use is webmail. Webmail is a great tool because you can access it using a web browser, which makes it easy to check your mail when you are away from your desktop or traveling and without setting up an email client. It doesn't require you to setup any software You can simply log into webmail and begin to use it!

Responsive and Mobile Web Site Design

There are two main approaches companies can take who want to maximize the mobile/tablet users experience on a web site. The first way is to create a mobile specific web site that will show in place of your regular web site. In this case the mobile site is often an abridged version of your regular web site and you can give the user the option to click a "View Full Site" button if they want to see the full version of the web site even though they are using a mobile device or tablet. If you have a web site and need a mobile version of it made contact Waves Web Design or call us at 307-265-2157. The second and best way to maximize your web site for the mobile and tablet user is to build a responsive web site.