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We are now able to archive our monthly newsletters online. If you missed a newsletter or just want to go back and read an old one, you can now find old newsletters archived here! Choose the year you are looking for and then pick the month of the newsletter you want to read. We hope you enjoy this new web site feature.

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NOTICE: Get Your Monthly Newsletter Electronically!

If you have email capabilities and wish to receive the newsletter electronically, please send an email message to expressing your desire to be added to the electronic newsletter mailing list. Likewise, if your email address has changed recently OR if you are no longer receiving your newsletter electronically as expected, you need to advise us of your new/revised email address. If you have changed your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and have not notified us of your change of address, you will no longer receive the newsletter. In most cases, we normally do not duplicate our mailings and those members who are receiving the newsletter electronically WILL NOT receive hard copies via regular mail UNLESS we have been instructed to send a hard copy as well.

Just so you know, the mailed version of the newsletter is in black and white, while the electronic version is in color. As time goes by, we intend to start including photographs of recent members’ trophies in the electronic version of the newsletter - which will generally not be available via snail mail. So you need to upgrade to the electronic version if you wish to receive the full benefits of each edition.


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